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Joseph M. West is a highly regarded real estate and business attorney, representing clients in transactional and litigation matters from his Ann Arbor, Michigan office. Call today for an appointment - (734) 975-1300!



Like many things in life, the proof is in the pudding. My clients return to me with repeat requests for legal services because I work tirelessly on their behalf and I present a great value proposition — they get the highest level of legal services at a fair price.

Joe is an incredibly energetic, personable, knowledgeable and efficient guy. We were very pleased.
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The feedback I have been fortunate enough to receive from my clients speaks for itself:

  • “Joseph West represented my case with an enormous amount of integrity, and demonstrated a high level of knowledge and tenacity throughout the proceedings.  He always took the time to explain what we were doing and why.  He kept my best interests as his highest priority and stayed within budget.  I cannot recommend him highly enough; he has proben to me there are many good people in the world.  I would engage his services again without hesitation.”

  • “It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Mr. West.  In handling numerous matters for me, he routinely located and corrected potential problems and made an overwhelming situation manageable.  Throughout, Mr. West paid meticulous attention to detail, and proved to be conscientious, knowledgeable, and personable.  His calm professional demeanor inspires confidence.”

  • “Joe handled a civil case for us in an extremely professional and competent manner.  We were extremely pleased with the outcome, and were impressed with Joe's passion, knowledge of the law, strategy development and implementation skills, and, finally, communication skills.  We also appreciated the fact that the final costs of litigating the case were significantly under budget from our initial plan, which serves as another example of Joe's profiency as an attorney.  We wish Joe the best going forward.”

  • After assisting a medical professional in a small commercial dispute, he commented that I “was prompt, efficient, effective, and very very personable, and . . . could be my lawyer any time. I was very impressed.” 

  • “Joe worked very hard for us.  Joe pursued several avenues that other attorneys had told us we could not pursue.  He kept us apprised of the proceedings throughout the civil process.  We ultimately obtained a judgment far beyond what we expected.  We will always be grateful to Joe for his excellent work.”

  • After reading a transcript of a complex deposition I conducted, an executive of a national corporation remarked that I “could be [her] lawyer any day.”

  • In house counsel at a corporate client remarked that my analysis of the factual and legal underpinnings of the case was “Excellent work!”

  • An individual client that I represented in a breach of contract claim, after reviewing my work, commented: “EXCELLENT!! . . . You ROCK!!!”

  • Corporation Counsel for a commercial client I regularly represent commented: “thanks for being so dependable and professional.”


Attorney Feedback

In addition to feedback received from clients on the level of my practice, I also have received a variety of feedback from attorneys that I have worked alongside:

  • “I have known and worked closely with Joe since 1999.  I am comfortable referring complex business matters to Joe that would require litigation, and I do so with confidence that he will provide prompt and diligent attention to cases.  I have witnessed Joe's courtroom presentation and demeanor on a few occasions and think he had tremendous credibility with those judges.”

  • One attorney, providing feedback on my performance in a civil case in federal court, said that I “effectively managed the case from start to finish [,] . . . identified what was necessary to win the case, devised a plan of action, executed the plan of action and won the case.”

  • Another attorney said that I “score[ ] high marks for . . . courtroom presence, and . . . ability to conduct a deposition in hostile settings.”

  • An attorney that I worked with on a large piece of international litigation commented that I was “an excellent writer . . . able to weave extremely complicated facts into a persuasive story, and . . . can quickly distill complex issues and volumes of research into manageable and well-organized arguments.”

  • Summarizing my strengths, another attorney wrote: “INCREDIBLE. . . . [S]trong in virtually any category I can think of: intellect, writing, oral advocacy, common sense, intuition, initiative, responsibility, client communication.”

  • One attorney commented that I was “an extremely gifted lawyer.”

  • After working with me on an aviation disaster case, an attorney commented that I was “creative in digging for facts and strategies outside the normal channels.”

  • Co-counsel in a piece of high stakes pro bono litigation commented that I was “the most enthusiastic lawyer [she] ha[d] seen in a long time.”

  • Remarking on my initiative, an attorney that I regularly worked with said that I “take[ ] the bull by the horns.”