Law Office of Joseph M. West, P.C. - Real Estate and Business Attorney
Joseph M. West is a highly regarded real estate and business attorney, representing clients in transactional and litigation matters from his Ann Arbor, Michigan office. Call today for an appointment - (734) 975-1300!

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate Law & Litigation

I represent individuals and companies—large, medium, and small—in matters concerning residential and commercial real estate. These include real estate Litigation Matters, or lawsuits, and Transactional Matters.

Litigation Matters

Types of real estate litigation matters

  • Boundary disputes
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Construction lien issues
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) claims
  • Truth in Lending Act (TILA) claims
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) claims
  • Title disputes and quiet title actions
  • Title insurance claims and coverage issues
  • Homeowners insurance claims and coverage issues
  • Evictions / summary proceedings to recover possession
  • Land contract forfeitures
  • Mortgage foreclosures


Examples of actual real estate litigation matters

  • I have represented a national mortgage lender in multiple state and federal lawsuits concerning loan origination, loan servicing, and foreclosures.
  • I have represented a national title company in multiple lawsuits concerning real estate title, closing, and disbursement issues.
  • I represented a commercial landlord in the eviction of a restaurant tenant and in the subsequent lawsuit to collect back rent.
  • I represented a land contract seller in the forfeiture of a land contract for non-payment and in the subsequent lawsuit to collect for the reasonable rental value and for waste to the property.
  • I have assisted multiple property owners in conducting eviction proceedings for residential properties.
  • I represented a residential mortgage lender in conducting a foreclosure by advertisement.
  • I represented a residential property owner involved in a contentious boundary dispute.

Transactional Matters

Types of transactional real estate matters

  • Residential leases
  • Commercial leases
  • Land contracts
  • Real estate purchases and sales 
  • Construction, renovation, and remodels 
  • Foreclosures and tax sale properties 
  • Warranty and quit claim deeds
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Real Estate Developments 


Examples of actual transactional real estate matters

  • I represented a commercial landlord in lease negotiations with multiple prospective tenants.
  • I represented an individual in negotiations to buy a vacation home on a land contract.
  • I assisted a homeowner in navigating a contentious relationship with a contractor for a remodel project, including performance, payment, timeline, and construction lien issues.
  • I negotiated on behalf of a property owner to effectuate a real estate boundary change, including seeking and obtaining township approval and obtaining mortgage lender agreement to modify the existing mortgages to allow for the change.
  • I have represented parties to residential real estate transactions, on both the buyer and seller side, in advance of and at closing.

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