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How I Charge

How I Charge

One of the reasons I founded the Law Office of Joseph M. West, P.C. is because I saw an opportunity to provide more value to my clients outside the large firm setting. I provide this value by performing the same high level of legal services available from a large regional or national firm, but at lower hourly rates or utilizing non-traditional fee structures.

How you will be charged for my services will be a subject of discussion when we first meet. Depending on the type of services you need and the circumstances, I am able to offer a variety of fee arrangements, including a reasonable hourly rateflat fee for services, or a contingency fee where you do not pay unless we achieve predetermined goals. I also have the flexibility to offer blended types of fee arrangements, where such an approach serves the interests of all involved.

When I am billing hourly or on a flat fee basis, I often request payment of a deposit, or advance fee, at the outset of the representation. I will hold this advance fee in my client trust account, which is a separate bank account from my general business account. When I issue a bill for my fees and costs, I will withdraw from my trust account a sufficient amount to pay the bill. I will then ask that the advance fee be promptly replenished so I can continue working on this matter. When the matter is resolved, if any portion of the advance fee remains in my trust account, I simply refund those remaining amounts.

My general approach to billing is somewhat different than that commonly attributed to attorneys by members of the public. Although I have been practicing law for 10+ years, I will continue to practice for decades to come. I take the long view when it comes to billing. I refuse to nickel and dime clients to make a few extra dollars in the short run. Rather, my clients and I are both best served by a billing approach that is fair, lean, and proportional to the matters at stake in the representation. This approach has proven the correct one over and over again, as satisfied clients continue to refer me their family, friends, and colleagues, due, in part, to the value I deliver at a fair price.

If you have any questions about my practice or how I charge, please Contact Me.