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Joseph M. West is a highly regarded real estate and business attorney, representing clients in transactional and litigation matters from his Ann Arbor, Michigan office. Call today for an appointment - (734) 975-1300!

Areas of Expertise


I handle appeals in the Michigan and federal court systems, on behalf of both appellants (the parties seeking to overturn the result in the court below) and appellees (the parties seeking to defend the result in the court below).  

My work on appeals includes obtaining and reviewing the lower court or administrative record, working with my clients to identify and frame the issues to be raised on appeal, researching the legal issues, and drafting persuasive and effective appellate briefing. I also present oral argument in support of my clients’ appeals when the court allows it, and value this opportunity to demonstrate to the appellate judges why my clients should obtain the requested relief.  

I have presented oral argument in support of my clients’ appeals on many occasions in courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (in Cincinnati, Ohio), the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (in Chicago, Illinois), and the Michigan Court of Appeals. The subject matter for my appellate work varies with the needs of my clients, and includes:

  • Business and commercial appeals
  • Real estate appeals

If you have any questions about my work in cases on appeal, please Contact Me.